2 of Wands – Possibilities, Dominion, Vision. – Tarot


2 of Wands – Two of Fire – Possibilities -Vision- Dominion. 2 of Wands card meaning The two of wands is the card of possibilities. Wands as an element stands for fire, and action. And upon the beginning of that action is the unlimited nature of clarity. That clarity is of possibilities, otherwise perceived as …

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Infinite – Mystic Poetry


You, the infinite. Ever extending, brightened insight.  The constant prayer, the inner silence overlapping. Jubilation’s chair, hope in repair.  Envisioned spectacular ceremonial mapping.  A heightened accord, a breath-full of words.  A heart-warmed ford to breeze through the formless.  Your subtle starlight, strumming reflections elevating the air.  Singing the day’s symphonies, dancing celestials the shadows in …

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Opposite – mystic poetry


The opposite. For it is found, then profound.  For in affinity, as it first set out in question.  Wandering witness. Infinity born upon its head. Becoming that which is all-becoming. Then reverting to its true personality. The opposite in reflection.  To all contain, then set out again.  An answer found, now again the question wanders, …

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Wild horses


“Steady thy steeds” spurred the process. Many a smile still upon the path. Circumvent the aftermath of speculation.  There is a bask in understanding, cultivated in patience is a glow pacified of heartburn’s toil.  Ancient notions are resolved in their own remarkability, conducive to insight is its own opportune.  Crooned for tune in stead, carrying …

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Unwind, to be kind


Healer, thy ways are winding.  Constant to the mind, in all else divined.  Content to your kind, the personal steps away from the self.  In the knowing and the known, untethered in being, outside of its reap, and into the sown. Inside or outside, the cognition swings minding wings.  A pawn in time, its crowning …

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A kind of clarity, and strength that makes the doable acts reverb through the fabric that usually just simpers to even our greater twines.

Hymn of her

The glorious mention,
mine humility your grace.

The meeting of the old gods.
The understanding of the new ones.
The richness of form in thy adorn.