Firetheater originally began in Bombay 2010, with several fire dancers coming together with a host of creatives. 

What culminated was a reoccurring ensembles of different performance art forms with fire dancing. The insight and perspectives from these soulful encounters treasures from and for,  a lifetime’s keeping. 

In so, the bridge of perspective is eternal, and the plethora of the artistic compatibility the repertoire of the performer. 

The coming together around fire the inherent creativity of soul on display. 

With live music genres like opera, funk, classical, carnatic and spoken, and ensemble dance forms of fire-dancing, break dance, kalaripayatu, Indian classical, capoeira and Hawaiian to name a few.  Over the years, the discipline of fire has included fire-walks, performances, workshop and esoteric initiations in its depths. 

A coat of quotes and passing poetry


Now, on sea and land descending, 

Brings the night its peace profound: hymn

Let our vesper hymn be blending With the holy calm around. 

Soon as dies the sunset glory, Stars of heaven shine out above, 

Telling still the ancient story— Their Creator's changeless love. 

Now, our wants and burdens leaving To his care who cares for all, 

Cease we fearing, cease we grieving; At his touch our burdens fall. 

As the darkness deepens o'er us, Lo! eternal stars arise; 

Hope and Faith and Love rise glorious, Shining in the Spirit's skies. 


Vesper Hymn | Samuel Longfellow

"Whoever curseth his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness. "

—Proverbs 20:20 (webster)