2 of Wands – Two of Fire – Possibilities -Vision- Dominion.

2 of Wands card meaning

The two of wands is the card of possibilities.


Wands as an element stands for fire, and action. And upon the beginning of that action is the unlimited nature of clarity. That clarity is of possibilities, otherwise perceived as the dominion of action armed with the idea. 

To traditional interpretation, the two of wands is the formative idea begun upon its stage of evolution. Dominion as mentioned earlier is a primary facet. To other reads, it is seen as the start of transformation. Osho calls it possibilities. 

As the two of light, this stands for vision, and thought having opened to formless boundaries for that un-limiting step for perception. 

There is great harmony in this card, with its signals to inspiration in all directions. Such is the nature of fire emerging and converging ideas into action. 

The wands as a suit are all action-oriented cards, marking a poise or a stride in the midst of activity, both internal and external. 

There is an understated determination in this sign. The will is being forged at this stage, only to solidify with further action to intention. 

As the two of light, this is the flame that shines brighter once it has lit another. That the entirety of spirit salutes accomplishment to the soul, and in that act of purity of vision, is found the approval of all spirit and sundry.

Divination : What it means if you receive this card


From the synthesis of creation, a new energy of possibility is channeled  to awaken through the wands. The Two of Wands signifies a point where these creative energies are brought together to flourish and produce. 

Indeed this sign foretells prosperity in partnerships and production. The partnering to challenge and achieve higher goals. 

In a situation, this heralds a prosperous venture, a merger of sorts. It is a consolidated first step to a well deliberated plan.

The fire of creative energy or spiritual yearning are the wands; here, it is offered direction toward a specific goal. 

Thus, this goal, it is anticipated, and will quench the urge to change. Once determined, change can begin. 

This card is about that determination, resolve and discipline. The beginnings of the Transformation.

The Two of Wands indicates that you are moving into your personal power, to move forward with courage, originality and potential.

This first step in a new direction can be empowering so consolidate your steps and accept the road as it is taking you. This would be the time you can alter it to your comfort and with complete clarity. 

This is also a sign of possibilities, vision and inspiration. Often even called the Lord of Dominion.


Vision, the start of activity.

You can find the courage to take new ideas up and put faith in that invisible creative force that has generated this  envision of a new path.

This can be a dramatic display of abilities in controlling and combining the raw energies around you, towards creative will in its most exalted form.

These are indeed the fires of imagination – the ladder of ambitions and aspiration. Creative potential growth of enterprise.

2 Wands

Reversed 2 of Wands – Fetters and Possibilities

Divination : This sign blocks its own energy, holding back all the potential of the moment.

The reverse 2 of wands is the complexity of blockage in your creative energies.

There may be external issues affecting the chance or possibility for a fruitful partnership. This card advises looking within to find what may be the cause.

Starry Tarot.

And out of restlessness and unformed power one idea leads to another and often the first few are far from the final one.

Reversed, this does not look favorably upon situations involving partnerships or ventures. Prosperity is delayed and there may be an unwillingness to cooperate. External forces, restricting regulations, or a lack of support, may well hamper progress which already is in mere early stages.

There is a  slow dissipation of the creative at this stage.

Normally, the fire of creative energy or spiritual yearning is represented by Wands, and given direction at the 2 of wands. 

The goal, however blurry would then quench the yearning, dissatisfaction, or urge to change. And so the means to resolves are indeed determination, resolve and discipline. The beginning of the Transformation, albeit repressed. 

To its primary meanings, the messages here are of the spiritual realm. Creativity, imagination, Inspiration. Illumination, mysticism, magic. Burning, purifying. Idealistic, ascetic and Fire. 

All the same, there is tremendous potential that wasn’t quite able to fructify. The possibilities are still very much there, just a little diminished from whence they began. A little effort, you might find your stride again. 

Often, at this time you may find surprise, wonder, enchantment, emotion, trouble, fear. 

There may be sudden application of phenomenal. Wilful, imperial. A strong urge for freedom and independence. A refusal to yield to another’s will.

Sometimes to this sign, you may find Strength, domination. Boldness, courage, love of freedom, fierceness, fighting spirit, ambition, refinement, impatience, sagacious withal, yet an unforgiving and obstinate nature. 

 There is resistance to vision. Restrained beginnings. Cautious action. Inability to see the bigger picture. Possibilities are still there, with a little effort. 

Difficulty in consolidation. Obstacles to dominion. 

Also shows a fierceness, shamelessness, ambition, restlessness, turbulence. A card of enthusiasm, but strong self-interest. 

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