A constellation of emotion.  Drawing on memories’ insular portents.  Sequestered portions of insight amble into ambit.  A porpoise-full consideration slowly rolls over to reposition.  The shell of the soul cracked like the muscle-memory of a chiropractor reaching a book on the shelf.  Tufts of hair tilt over like a crowning moment to remembrance’s endear.  A …

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Dervish – the broken crown. – Star poetry


Process Until Whole Beyond these dwellings of existence, and its heavenly predictions. Past chasms & phantasms, and the harbingering of evolutionary sanity.  Unbeknownst I sought, in that I should seek.  Verily the brink of parallel peaks of admonitions & admissions oblique.  What if they meet in me, Forsooth, I bypassed the etch in H un-annunciated. …

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Infinite – Mystic Poetry


You, the infinite. Ever extending, brightened insight.  The constant prayer, the inner silence overlapping. Jubilation’s chair, hope in repair.  Envisioned spectacular ceremonial mapping.  A heightened accord, a breath-full of words.  A heart-warmed ford to breeze through the formless.  Your subtle starlight, strumming reflections elevating the air.  Singing the day’s symphonies, dancing celestials the shadows in …

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Happy to song – Belong

happy to reflection

Grace is, as you do.  Form is as you heighten. Somewhere in the midst of existence is the marvel that you are.  Any that find you, are blessed for it. Such is insight in your envision.  This day is special to history, as with its yearly celebrate, for its kindness blurs the very depth of …

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Opposite – mystic poetry


The opposite. For it is found, then profound.  For in affinity, as it first set out in question.  Wandering witness. Infinity born upon its head. Becoming that which is all-becoming. Then reverting to its true personality. The opposite in reflection.  To all contain, then set out again.  An answer found, now again the question wanders, …

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Translation of hymn (The space-weaver)

Om, divine salutations to the ethereal and surreal of space, to the one that bridges the barriers and all of its frontiers, to the space that becomes in all forms, salutations to the one that transcends.

Sivaye , the supreme, the lord-maker, make thy form in our reverence.

From beginnings begotten in their ends, the forces of nature in their power to append. The primal in-built enforced in every foundation. Sweet words and glory merely pedestals to raise and grace that which is to behold, affixed in its guiding star of manifestation.

Chasing grace

There is an inertia to love, there syllables slip and meaning flits. Where the heights of one exist in the depths of the other. Like some parts of one have to see the eyes of the other.  Sheer want of affection cannot scratch that surface. Just as token existence outside of posterity cannot derive outside …

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