17 – The Star – Arcana – The horoscope.

The Star card meaning

The card seventeen of the major arcana is that of the Star. And simply by virtue of being the major arcana, it has the important task of guiding the soul directly. 

Osho Zen Tarot

To the occult terms, the number 17 is that of the horoscope, and charts the trajectory of any individual to the choices they make in life. As the individual grows and evolves, so does their orbit to all matters of spirit and soul in their interactions with the world. And with that, their star guides them through their subconscious and allows them to chart their wisdom to their lifetime. 

And yes, it is possible to cast in horoscope to a star to map a person’s influences. But then as the older we get, based on the choices made at important junctures in life, the personality starts to become cast as the reflection of the said star of the tarot. And merging of sorts in all heavenly attributes reflected to a person’s star and their earthly qualities as a name living the lifetime. 

Osho in his tarot cards calls this Silence, and only the individual knows the real truth of the impressions made of celestial matters in their journey. 

And that journey is what each querent makes in the silence of their own contemplation. The star and soul, each guided by the other. That is their ascent to horoscope, and descent to matter. 

This card is also connected to the goddess, and naturally all stars in the epitome of a star. A star is born, when another hath arisen. 


Divination XVII – The Star. Melodies. Horoscope :

star tarot

A guiding vision of hope arises, harmonious uniting of heaven and earth, divine protection and power to transcend the mundane world with all its trappings. 

This sign is about inspiration, crystallisation, self-confidence, and the conjunction with the universal intellect with the collective unconscious. And it brings the insight that there are endless possibilities of existence we can connect to. With our feeling, instincts, imagination, intuition, hope, optimism, trust, and through faith.

A time of calm follows a time of upheaval. The Star brings a sense of relief and a renewed sense of faith in the universe.

Hope, gifts of spirit, deeper silence, meaningful illusions. Knowledge, hidden meanings, spiritual experiences, heightened awareness. 

A sense that we are on the right path. The light of the Star is the light of understanding,  of awareness, and truth, in stimulating our imagination and restoring our sense of connection to the greater mysteries. 

The Star shines above you and reflects you to guide your way, showing you a deeper sense of meaning and direction.

Drawn, it is implied that there is abundant hope in your life.

In situations, this card reflects favorably on any outcome. It also asks to keep hope alive in tougher situations and not to lose faith in any struggle. In relationships, this card implies a positive and balanced ideal relationship between partners. 

Reversed – 17 – The Silence of the Stars

Pythagoras Tarot

Divination : Reversed but all the same indicated to this card are gifts of spirit, heightened awareness or experiences, illusions, hidden meanings, and hope shining over clouded expressions.

This could be a sign that you are denying your talents and inner truths, losing yourself in idealism without manifesting your ideals into reality.

The appearance of the Star in a reading suggests an ability to connect to your deeper self and to trust that all will be well. Love and energy flow freely and are available to you as you need them, for yourself or to share. All this is still true to the reverse card, but only after you put in a little effort. That’s the virtue of finding your inner silence to this sign. Your unique personal connecting to everything deeper and more ancient in the universe. 

This is a time to align yourself with a higher consciousness, to grow in your connection to spirit, and to honour your creative imagination.

In a situation, a loss of hope may cause tension and a loss of faith in any positive outcome. The signs and suggestions to the shadow or reversed Star card are to briefly lay low and turn inward. 

All situations may still turn your way. First you turn inward to the star. Find your sense of self. And optimism will restore and follow.