Taurus – The sign of the Zodiac

Taurus – The sun sign and constellation.

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About Taurus

The stars twinkle, wink and sprinkle to the night,
Sparkling like diamonds bright, occasionally erudite.
The stars of Taurus highlight the rest of the sky,
Bringing forth a new light, a ceremonial sigh.

Taurus, the zodiac,
A sign of strength and dedication.
A sign of independence and prosperity,
Of stability and security, ever in constant repair, a temerity.

The bull holds a special place in the sky,
A symbol to loyalty’s constancy.
A sign of strength, courage and determination,
And resilience, when in difficult situations


This sun sign, reflected,
A reminder of our enduring will, to survive and thrive.

The stars of Taurus, a reminder of our inner strength,

To rise above and never give in to fear.

Taurus is a sign of balance and harmony,
Of optimism and joy.
A sign of stability and growth,
And an appreciation of the beauty in life.

The Taurus twinkles to the night sky,
Bringing forth a new light in delight.

A reminder of inner strength, a courage in their yearn,
To take on the world and never give up, like every bolstering melody to their song.

A coat of quotes and passing poetry


Quote # 28

One can neither protect or arm himself against criticism. We must meet it defiantly, and thus gradually please it.- Goethe