The Triumph song of Trisanku

The Triumph Song of Trisanku – Constellation Crux

I shall not die. crystal Agni Trisanku

Although this body, when the spirit tires 

Of its cramped residence, shall feed the fires, 

My house consumes, not I. 

Leaving that case 

I find out ample and ethereal room. 

My spirit shall avoid the hungry tomb, 

Deceiving death’s embrace. 

Night shall contain 

The sun in its cold depths; 

Time too must cease; 

The stars that labour shall have their release. 

I cease not, I remain. 

Ere the first seeds 

Were sown on earth, I was already old, 

And when now unborn planets shall grow cold 

My history proceeds. 

I am the light.

In stars, the strength of lions and the joy 

Of mornings; I am man and maid and boy, 

Protean, infinite. 

I am a tree 

That stands out singly from the infinite blue; 

I am the quiet falling of the dew 

And am the unmeasured sea. 

I hold the sky 

Together and upbear the teeming earth. 

I was the eternal thinker at my birth 

And shall be, though I die.