An Agni Mantra

A hymn to Agni (Fire): 


Pratnosi kam idyo advaresu Sanat na hota navya ça satsi. Svam ça Agne tanavam piprayasva, Asmubhyam ça saubhagya ayajasva ||



Calling upon, lauding, even devoting when the very path through the skies is filled in its creative bounty and sentient offering.


Agni, the divine priest, the tongue that talks to the gods, the messenger that has offered its audience for the ancient and contemporary alike, no matter when the soul, the constant in every lifetime.


The fire inside of me, embers inside of my body like divine horses, drink of the consciousness in the vassal and vessel as the fire that I am.


Grant in my being and experience, the fortune, illumination and unlimitedness of living the blessed life.