– Words from Adonis, the Syrian poet (born Ali Ahmad Said Esber). 


“So that your body moves wisely so that I move with it 

with what is above it below it.
and in between 

so that I surround you and break any barrier that separates you from me.

I read the book of your priests 

I grow into your origins.

I taste their creatures and personify them in my delusions so that you become the dot,

and I become the script and shape.
so that you become ‘From’ and what follows it .

I am not your sea
I am not the swans you wait for I have nothing but limbs.

Limbs that get lost.

I erased-discovered you,

lost in a fever whose outer reaches I have yet to discover.

‘About’ and what it possesses,
where words cannot contain me,

where only imaginings and symbols can contain me.”