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I will most likely use a 12 card karmic cycle reading.

Positions are

  1. Happenstance of situation
  2. Mountain (Obstacle)
  3. Big Picture
  4. Instinct in the matter
  5. Nadir – The personality’s position on the matter
  6. Manas – The self-reflection to the soul of the situation
  7. Zenith – The Aspiration of Spirit
  8. Day’s fortune – The immediate next day unfolding
  9. Unfolding fortune – What is the fortune to this situation unfolding in arc
  10. Arc unfolding – Where is this path heading to or representing
  11. Resolution – The resolution to occurrence, required or evident
  12. Karma – The deeper karma represented in the situation


Apart from that, other spreads, layouts or methods of divination may be utilised based on what’s necessary to offer insight to the matter.

A reflection from the cards, my interpretation and guidance to them is what you will receive.

Kind regards

Janit Gambhir

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Tarot reading

Send in your question and I’ll do an elaborate tarot reading on your situation and offer you guidance accordingly.

Provide as much information as you would like, and I’ll accordingly be as specific as I can in interpreting the cards.

Please include your question, and the background of the situation you are asking about.