Astral Book and its Aspects


Astral book with all the aspects in the soot of your stars. 600 Pages. 360 Degrees with the Stars. Over a hundred aspecting Points and personally sensitive parts covering over 17 aspects.

600 Points from Arabic parts, Harmonic Chart & Vedic Astrology.




Wherewithal Book of of your life – $ 249

Includes all midpoints, aspects, harmonic charts nativities & parts. 

Also free, with this book is a One hour Consultation at how to read this book and utilise it regularly for well-being. 

Also available separately : Aspect Map : $ 120 

Personal Planet Profiles, with 17 aspects with 150 aspected parts and points to understand what every planet represents for you personally in their journey. 

Since you know the unique place of the Planet in your chart, this helps understand all the aspects to it in your life in their various areas and domains of existence. 

Juxtaposed within is those exact aspects to the Stars. In consideration to what the aspect represents, this serves as a very interesting perspective of your journey in life to the 17 Aspects as well. 

Also added in this for additional measure. The Sabian Symbol for the exact degree of the Planet’s nativity to help you understand the Planet apart from just its Zodiac, ruler and house.

And as if that was not enough, A Midpoint descriptions report for the Planet, in its reference to all the other planets that when exact gives a definitive character to the Planet for you. 


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Astral Book of your life

Astral to your view :

600 Pages.

360 Degrees with the Stars.

300 Points of reference in Arabic, Greek and Indian Lots.

300 Points of reference from Harmonic Chart & Vedic Astrology and their specific Influence in your Life.

Primary And Extra Points – All your Personal Planets.




Vertex Point

Imum Coeli

Polar Ascendant

Part of Fortune

Nodes, Rahu & Ketu


Prana Pada

Vyati Pat




Bhrigu Point

Yogi Point

Asteroids can be inserted upon request. By default you receive :


Lilith Black Moon





* Apart from the Vedic Varga Harmonic charts (Inclusive of Past life and Moksha harmonics), the other Harmonic Charts considered are :

108 : The Transcendence Harmonic

60 : Harmonic degrees of Separation : Karmic

786 : Harmonic Starseed or soul trigger.

* Included in this report are descriptions of the stars and Nakskatra nativities for every star and degree.

All of the Above Plus :

Astral Book and its Aspects

Includes the aspects to every degree in the astrological book of your life. The Aspects points considered are the personal planets and one hundred points and parts. Their respective relevance in the various areas of your life provides a unique reference to consider. This should be perspective thats relevant in its patterns for your entire life. Add to that to trace the culmination and resolution of every important motivation in your life according to your personal astrology. Whether or not you believe, this information is available and vital to your own knowledge of self. 

As an additional measure, the 360 degree layout should allow you to regularly use this book to track the movement of the planets to their relevance in your life. Also offered with it are the Mahadasha and Kalachakra markers to your exact chart degree and the exact transit of the planets at the time of casting this book.

17 Aspects are considered in this, conserving to the Unique format of The Star in the Tarot and the number 17 in Occult numbers serving for the Horoscope. 


* Please Allow Upto a week for the composition of your book.

Upon Purchase, Please Send an email with the following details (this is imperative) :


Date and Time of Birth. Please try to be accurate to the minute of your birth or to the best you can ascertain from family. These details allow accuracy to past life and transcendence charts.

Your Location of Birth. City, State and Country.

Your Name.


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Prana Prada – Liberation of Breath

Vyatipada – Point of Return

Gullika – Point of Stoppage / Obstruction

Mandi – Point of Chaos

Chappa – Point of Repetition

Upaketu – Intuitive point of upliftment, eventually what brings you down with Ketu. 

Bhrigu Point – The unbeknownst curiosity chased by Rahu, halfway point to the Moon’s native content. 

Yogi Point : The nature of the inner Jogi. 

Ava Yogi / Duplicate Yogi : In case of the Native’s predisposition not taken to spirituality, then through effort this point of personality can be cultivated.

The North Node represents curiosity in its primal and our karmic goals, and eventually the best direction of evolutionary growth.

The South Node represents one’s karmic past, and the area  that one experiences growth. This in turn represents the native’s threshold and appetite for evolution. 

Lilith represents one’s capacity to let go and accept their natural side, in all of its darkness.

The Part of Fortune represents one’s place where opportunity and success can be found. 

The Vertex represents one’s karmic fate and method of reception of energies.  This is pathways and opportunities, and equilibrium of inner energies, the need for change, whether or not we recognise or honour that change before “Fated  Events” unfold to fill voids in our lives.

The East Point represents one’s generalized projected personality and outward appearance. 

The Ascendant represents that part of mind which deals with the physical human senses.  The gatekeeper as human consciousness.

Chiron is the healer. The natural capacity within us for healing can be gleaned from this, and like the ancient archetype that Chiron represents, the transits and patterns that our own healing must take.

The Midheaven is that part that allows us to maintain continuity 

with the inner self from day to day existence. This defines over time who we want to be in its maturity.

The Equatorial Ascendant represents the part of consciousness which lies between the unconscious (that which we are not directly conscious of,  the ‘hidden mental images’) and the conscious mind. This is the place of process, and inherently contains all prejudices. This is part of waking and sleeping, and the in-between of the subconscious.

The Co-Ascendant represents those parts of us that gathers information which have nothing to do with physical senses.  That which is referred to as ‘vibes’, or the ability to pick up terrestrial signals through the senses, in the heightened sense. This is inherently the relationship with our energy body of engaging the universe and the world in consequence. 

The Polar Ascendant has much to do with the ability to win others over to our thoughts and ideas. It represents our influence with others, and simply how we will be received can be read from this personal sensitive point. Often this represents a non-sensory level of being perceived.

The Aries Point always lies at zero Aries for everyone, and thus it is how it is located or situated in a chart that becomes important. This represents the end of process, at least consciously and from a perspective of handling energies. And so it is like a point of reset where subconsciously   how we process changes. Naturally it importantly to consider as the house it represents in our lives.