Gemini – The sign of the Zodiac

Gemini – The Zodiac and the sun sign.

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About Gemini

Twin souls, Gemini, when whole, so divine,
Two sides, the same ensign.
One to a constellation, two to a soul,
A heavenly sign, far, ahead and before the times.

Twined to perceive, the gemini weave.

The twins, dynamic and versatile,
A source of creativity and insight, too often taken to beguile.

They seek knowledge, wisdom and truth,
In a world of ever-changing light.

Gemini bringeth balance to life,
In both the darkness, light, even when lacking delight.
A duality of joy and sorrow,
A power to set things right on the morrow.

Gemini, too often curious, creative, and kind,
Never forgetting to look at most with an open mind.
From the depths of their duality,
A new life awaits to be defined, quantified to their qualities.

a sign of hope.
Twin souls,
A heavenly sign of the times.

A coat of quotes and passing poetry


"And as the seed waits eagerly watching for its flower and fruit.Seed

Anxious its little soul looks out into the clear expanse

To see if hungry winds are abroad with their invisible array ;

So Man looks out in tree, and herb, and fish, and bird, and beast.

Collecting up the scattered portions of his immortal body.

Into the elemental forms of everything that grows.

He tries the sullen North wind, riding on its angry furrows,

The sultry South when the sun rises, and the angry East,

When the sun sets, and the clods harden, and the cattle stand,

Drooping, and the birds hide in their silent nests.

He stores his thoughts.

As in store-houses in his memory. He regulates the forms.

Of all beneath and all above, and in the gentle West Reposes where the sun's heat dwells.

He rises to the sun,

And to the planets of the night, and to the stars that gild.

The zodiacs, and the stars that sullen stand to North and South,

He touches the remotest pole, and in the centre weeps That Man should labour and sorrow, and learn and forget, and return.

To the dark valley whence he came, and begin his

labours anew."


Artwork and Poetry | William Blake

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