VIII – Strength (Adjustment)

In occult terminology, the number 8 stands for the word. It is that sound with meaning that once spoken out loud constitutes the essence of the speaker manifest externally, and in so an entire entity in itself. 

Now you have spoken, do you have the strength to stand up for it. 

And that is this tarot card, strength. The number eight of the Major Arcana. 

Crowley calls this card Adjustment, while Osho to reflect upon the ‘justness of nature’ shows card as a flower growing out of a brick wall, against all odds, to an evening out. 

According to Crowley :

This is again a hieroglyph of “Love is the law, love under will”. Every form of energy must be directed, must be applied with integrity, to the full satisfaction of its destiny. 

Old world derivatives of this are to yoke, join, junction, conjugal, yoga, subjugate, joust, junction. 

And this is known as The Faithful Consciousness. Through it, spiritual powers are increased. All dwellers on earth “abide in its shadow.” 

“I am One that becomes Two, that becomes Four, that becomes Eight. And then I am One again.”

– Zehhuti at Hermopolis in Egypt.