21. The Universe – Completion

21. The Universe – Completion

The crescendo card in the tarot is that of the Universe at the number 21 of the major arcana. It represents the completion of 3 cycles of seven that mark an entire full circle of understanding. The arc of assimilation draws to a close, the cyclical twelve is added to pattern the 9 to time. And so in all things, it reflects the sentient nature and spirit of the Universe, actively engaging at the calling upon of its ensign.

This is a sign of the bigger picture, from the point of view and perspective of the querent asking the cards. It portrays the querent as an instrument of the universe with all the forces of the universe paying attention to the moment in anticipation of the querent’s choices. That which is happening at the time is of immense significance to the querent’s entire lifetime. And so in the most remarkable ways, this sign signify a cross-roads of sorts, and indicate the existence of all that is holy to the subjective in question. 

As a culmination of the Arcana, which in itself reflects the soul, this card is that of manifestation. The spirit of the universe emerges from the cards to affirm the divine calling from the card to converse. 

The wisdom indicated in this tarot card is beyond boundaries. And so is the larger than life sheen represented to the auspicious of audience. This juncture in life counts, and so in imminence of a performance-of-a-lifetime, so to speak. 

This is always a positive card, for that which is shown is the path of the soul emerging to worldly and otherworldly form. That which happens to the card is part of the necessary lessons and experience that are said to be the claim to the life’s curious journey as a soul. That also means that this particular card showing up means you are going through a very very important part of your life. 

Om Āstu – May the forces of the universe assist and guide you on your journey!