XIX – The Sun

The essence of the Sun card is the known-stance of wisdom distilled from lifetimes of borrowed knowledge. As the number 19 of the Major Arcana, the theme here is the second childhood, joy, understanding, innocence and absolute wonderment. 

Those things that are considered the pinnacle of happiness and unbridled optimism. And to it, in this tarot sign is deep resonance to traditions, history and the general receptacles of faith. 

Naturally, being based on the Celestial life-giver sun, there is immense healing out of a free-flow of energies. 

Traditionally, this sign is considered the seat of consciousness, intelligence, and illumination. It also infers to the source, the origin, and that which directs, guides, and rules. 

“Sun” in language comes from Old English sunne, which, like the Latin sol and the Greek helios, comes from the Indo-European root sawel.

Furthermore it represents an Illuminating clarity that penetrates the clouds of illusion; the mastery of emotion and transcendence of instincts admitting to a blazing lucidity. 

Osho, in the Osho Zen Tarot deck calls this card, innocence.