14. Temperance – Integration

14. Temperance – Integration

The integration of higher energies to the lower energies is the import of this card. This is the art of the alchemist, and the temperance of wisdom above borrowed knowledge. 

Is there a path that resolves the material to spirit, the psychic to the mental, and then the spiritual to the psychic. If it is to be found, this card mirrors it. 

There is immense astronomical significance in the origin of this card, and it connects the archer’s bow to the heart of heaven. It brings with it lore of eastern and western thought connecting the corners of the sky and deriving the globe in connection to the divine spirit. The coming together of 2 sevens to make the fourteen in temperance, and it is a sign of profound import in understanding matters beyond this universe. 

This is the cohesion of the second cycle in a span of 21 as the steps of understanding the soul through a lifetime. 

In its patterns, it always shows some kind of matter reaching an evolved conclusion. It always alludes to deeper meaning beyond surface matters.