6 of Fire – Success – Wands

6 of Wands – Victory – Success – Fire

The 6 of wands is the card of success and victory. The theme is of triumphant progress and it is certainly one of the brightest cards in the minor arcana suits. 

Wands stands for the element of Fire, and in act is predominantly to do with actions taken and efforts undertaken. 

The 6 as a number is a positive card in every element, and in the suit of Wands, this stands for that balanced step forward while still holding the balance of inner fire to outer form. For the most part, there is a type of working celebration indicated when this as a card shows up. However there is an underscored inspiration prevalent in this tarot card, and usually shows a point when the work becomes greater than oneself. There is a selflessness that appears in the skillset of the querent for who this shows up. 

Internally this is the road to genius, externally this sign shows the action so far being lauded and indeed celebrated. According to Crowley, this early external validation tends to slow down the action work. Osho, to this end, just calls the card success hinting that this inspiration and sense of redemption of effort can be utilised to center oneself to consciousness. 

New ideas and breakthroughs are abundant to this sign, but mostly within the working process or to strategic input. In terms of the discipline within work and skill, there is a not so hidden sense of momentum and breakthroughs. 

Great strides are usually the surrounding influences to this as a divination sign.

Reading the 6 of wands as the six of light, there is a distinction to the energies of the moment from the usual the querent would be used to be. Around them is a glow, that comes from heartened productivity. And the same sense of distinction follows their work or style as a type of momentous signature in inspired efficiency.