7 of Fire – Stress – Wands

7 of wands – Stress – Courage – Fire

The seven of wands is the card of courage. It represents the element of fire and action, and the stage the fire, although potent is also vulnerable enough to be overcome. 

Crowley calls this card valour, Osho calls it stress. 

The underlying notion of this card is that you are doing too many things at the same time. And in being so preoccupied with your own actions, that your work might work counter-productive to your efficiency. 

There is a balance to be found. And this card implores that for all for your effort, you tweak your inner motivation enough to find it. The virtue of courage or valour is that you summon the resources of your heart to enable your purpose. The wisdom of the heart is that you do so in calmness, not hurried activity. 

Breathe deep enough that your own actions are heightened. Inner fire centers external effort. 

As the seven of light, this card stands for creating your unique groove to life and cosmic function. An inner peace to outer tasks undertaken. Attune your actions to empower them.