4 of Fire – Participation – Wands

4 of Wands – Participation – Perfection – Fire

This is the card of concerted effort with others. The result of several fires working together creates a foundation. And this as a configuration, allows for the perfection that comes from participation to the cause. Each factor serves its purpose and the sense of individuality is blended for a greater bigger picture. That is the four of wands. 

The cause of perfect authenticity is highlighted here. When the self is immersed in their skill or craft, a new balance is created in the resulting work. 

Without favouring the personality, this cohesion with others to same intention makes up for the fundamentals that create the foundation. 

The fundamentals here represent a dedication of spirit to the action undertaken, and indicate the underlying skills that enable worldly activity and enterprise. 

As the four of light, it is coming forward of manifest expression, new ways of organic efficient resources, and progressively revelatory techniques to evolution of self and spirit.  

Osho calls this card participation, Crowley completion. It is the stage of self-evident manifestation of observation, made in effort or action.