18. The Moon – Past-lives

18. Moon – Past-lives

The Moon is a wonderful card as is to be expected. At the 18th card of the Major Arcana, it is the point of the soul’s reflection to its pure subconscious. 

In the traditional cards of the tarot, the moon was shewn with 16 rays corresponding, half the steps of the Sun’s external journey to divine knowledge. And as such, it emphasises the need of self-knowledge and the wonderfully subjective personalities and influences we inherit through the course of our lives. Genetic as well as conditioned. This is said to be the bridge of the life of imagination to the life of spirit, its intellectual light reflects intuitive knowledge and being drawn to sensed wisdom, as opposed to theoretical learning. 

The origins of the word moon in old English are the word ‘me’ which means to measure. And in each is their measure of the Moon is ancient wisdom retained. 

To astrology, moon is the mind and the temperament. 

Where the subconscious blends with the spirit, tracing each to their origins in form and influence. 

This path is guided by 2 ways of spirit, one waxing the other waning. Conscious thought and the subconscious intuit. The middle path cited to be at its most precarious. 

Where the ‘dark night of the soul’ grasps through the collective unconscious. 

The ‘bright, radiant’ is reborn to personalise emotional reins. The omnipresent of the soul as internal reflection. 

The above-cited cathartic healing beginning the Indian moon nakshatras of the horses flagging off each moon cycle. (To the traditional flying horse Pegasus and Equulus in the constellations emulated as the asterism of the healing horse-twins Asvins).

The moon is also the essence of the occult. The darkness that allows for starlight to shine. The lunar illumination of the night in energies of all kind. 

“In the other tale, the Moon collects the neglected dreams and memories that have escaped from people while they sleep; at dawn they are returned to the earth as dew.”

No representation of the moon can be too great, much like man to his limitations, and the inherent unlimited nature to the soul, in and as the moon. 

As a pilgrim moving through dreams upon his journey, the moon in her hymn and hum keeping pace. The part that has seen all of it and remembers. 

A hypothesis of the moon is each person’s imagination.