6. Lovers – Union

6 – The Lovers

The divine union of Lovers. That is the 6th card of the Major Arcana in Tarot. 

To desire, seek, require, demand, search. And in any and all of those equations, be redeemed. 

The subconscious made one to the Universe, and consciousness in the experience of completion. The profound depths all at once found and transcended beyond its limits. 

If the soul is forever in search, then here it is glimpsed and claimed, only to be offered back in one-ness and selflessness, for one’s divine other is sanctified. 

The key is that the Card represents the Creation of the World. The Hierarchs held this secret as of transcendant importance.

The Lovers represent union, both with another person and within ourselves, and the coming together of opposites. This card is about forming bonds and connections. 

Whilst it’s tempting always to interpret this card in romantic context, it’s important to remember that we also have a relationship with ourselves, and this card also symbolises integrating the poles of energy, as with balancing masculine and feminine energies and then moving past those engendered energies. This is the divine union with the Universe, whether or not through another.



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