2. The High Priestess – The Inner Voice

2 – Inner Voice

The second card of the Major Arcana, the High Priestess is the sign of the inner voice. As most are familiar, the major arcana are signs of soul’s journey for querent, and in so are all important cards as portents of deeper reflections. 

The High Priestess signifies the higher self, and the part of the subconscious that connects directly to spirit in engaging the Universe. It is the all-important intuitive self and deeper instincts that govern self-awareness. 

This is a radically subjective relationship with the Universe, and naturally connects to the Moon and the Night part of day-and-night. 

As much as knowledge and traditional study of senses grooms the outer identity, as does the application of those personal skills and the approach with which the inner part of us meets outer existence. This psychic-spiritual dynamic of being balances the emotion to the intelligence capacities, and the empathetic to material aspects of existence. 

That consolidating inner voice is what serves as our anchor, being part of the self, and yet above it. Where words meld images, and understanding is as awareness itself. 

As such, this represent the Occult. 

In that sense of the holiest of holies, this is the sign of the Goddess. 

And to each is governed and affirmed their divining spirit. 

This is the inherent in the querent. The force that encompasses, the most exalted station as divination. This is the formless effulgence to vision, that is all at the once the body of light, and the gift of darkness.



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