5. Grand Hierophant – No-thingness – Divine Authority

5 – No-thingness – Divine Authority

The Hierophant is the 5th Major Arcana in the Tarot, and represents god’s authority on Earth. In that most, earlier tarot decks called it the pope, and hierophant itself means high priest. 

Osho cheekily calls this ‘No-Thingness’ with a blank blackboard for a picture of it. This card is supposed to be the great teacher. 

The rigid formal unquestionable authority whose very word is gospel. But given the nature of our conditioning and the state of the world, naturally that comes across as an ironic enough concept. 

In its deepest meaning, grand hierophant represents discipline, and the greater duties who learn directly from the source of authority around us of all things. In fact, the card reads closer to the 5th house of astrology, and our representation of discipline, learning and eventually deeper faith. 

There is a lot of faith indicated in this sign, albeit hidden behind the veil of dogmas that make up our worlds. 

The Hierophant represents the subconscious elements of the psyche. It embodies spiritual aspiration, unreflective moral judgement and the drive toward perfection. In that, it is the conscience, the inner voice and inner teacher (intuition), who sits in judgement of ourselves and others. It is also the greater knowledge that remains with us, and in turn judges us. 

To those that have a spirit guide or mentor, this often reflects them or in some way, their teachings.