0 – The Fool – The Self

The Dali deck of the Tarot has three characters in the card of the Fool. 

The Spirit, the mystic and the horse. 

As the fool, you are the message. Which character do you want should carry it for you?

That is the self. Some days you feel like the spirit, some days you feel like a mystic. Other days you just feel like the horse. 

The card of the Fool represents the Self, and in all its infinite glory. And all that you shall consider in the entirety of your existence, and in everything you are as yourself. 

The fool is the hero of the story, the 0 stands for all that is, and is naught. 

But this is not the Dali tarot deck, and spirit and the horse cannot be seen. And so you reflect yourself into the mystic. 

“With the Wand createth He. With the Cup preserveth He. With the Dagger destroyeth He. With the Coin redeemeth He.”