3 of Fire – Experience – Wands

3 of Wands – Experience – Virtue – Fire

There is virtue in experience. That is the gift of this card. If fire were akin the goddess, then this would be her hymn. 

Traditionally, the three of wands represents the virtue in activity. It is the pure momentum in inspiration, the glide in the stride. That moment that everything connects and action forms its own being. The harmony of being on-song. 

And therein the essence. Where focus relaxes whilst formless. And mindfulness and selflessness converge into your singular form. 

A triad of fire in the doer, the action and the embracing universe. 

It is the experience that enlivens. 

Although there is skill inherent in this sign, the three of wands is more about the discipline of its actuation. That is the journey to its integrity.