9 of Fire – Exhaustion – Wands

9 of Wands – Exhaustion – Power – Posture – Fire

The nine of wands is the card of exhaustive effort. It indicates that although power has been gained, it has taken a toll on the self. There is an amount of relief indicated yes, but it is not yet time to rest. The awareness is still called for, there is yet much to do. 

Standing for the numerical 9 in wands, the element of fire and action, this card denotes the later stages of endeavour, more importantly nearing its last stages. And so it calls a certain resolve to its reflection, and denotes a strong sense of responsibility which may often feel heavy. 

Osho calls this card exhaustion. Crowley calls it strength. In the traditional packs, it stood for power. 

As the nine of light, there is a wisdom represented in this card that the subconscious calls upon when the senses of focus are strained. Although an outer sense of effort is exhausted of its power, its posture is still one of vigilance, and a readiness to act at the opportune moment. 

Or defend in a resolute one.