Ace of Wands – The Source / Origin

Progress and insight have a strange way of finding you. But they do all the same. That is the source. 

The source of all your expression, the source is your imagination. That is what the ace of fire stands for, the potential, unfettered. This is always a bright card, and one of abundant hope and character. 

The ace represents beginnings in any element, but for fire it is noticeably potent, a sign to be open to being unpredictable, even to yourself. There is magic in the air. Tap into your imagination and seize that spark!

There is a natural force implied in this card, as opposed to invoked. It stands for the inherent potential available to its ensign. As the root of all powers of fire, the ace is considered an exceptionally interesting position. 

It is known that the Tarot charts the fool’s fall into matter. But that fall is supposed to occur at the Ace of wands, or to be more accurate, the ‘reversed’ ace of wands. 

In the Indian pantheon of spirituality, it is received that Agni, the fire-god is the bridge to all other divinities. And as that inner fire becomes the tongue of fire, the ability to shine is considered the balancing of that fire to the momentary element.  Fire as the element however, stands for action. 

And that impersonal nature that occurs when we are engaged in the act of doing, and its evident discipline at work. 

This inner fire, manifest or nascent is the Ace of the wands. Inherent, unfettered, self-evident potential. 

Enriching in as simple a gesture as glancing the blue of the flame. 

Start inward, find the source, and the potential blooms. A light onto yourself.