Gemini – The sign of the Zodiac

Gemini – The Zodiac and the sun sign.

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About Gemini

Twin souls, Gemini, when whole, so divine,
Two sides, the same ensign.
One to a constellation, two to a soul,
A heavenly sign, far, ahead and before the times.

Twined to perceive, the gemini weave.

The twins, dynamic and versatile,
A source of creativity and insight, too often taken to beguile.

They seek knowledge, wisdom and truth,
In a world of ever-changing light.

Gemini bringeth balance to life,
In both the darkness, light, even when lacking delight.
A duality of joy and sorrow,
A power to set things right on the morrow.

Gemini, too often curious, creative, and kind,
Never forgetting to look at most with an open mind.
From the depths of their duality,
A new life awaits to be defined, quantified to their qualities.

a sign of hope.
Twin souls,
A heavenly sign of the times.

A coat of quotes and passing poetry




Thou art hidden from us, though the heavens are filled  With Thy Light, which is brighter than sun and moon !

Thou art hidden, yet revealest our hidden secrets ! 

Thou art the Source that causes our rivers to flow. 

Thou art hidden in Thy essence, but seen by Thy bounties. 

Thou art like the water, and we like the mill- stone. 

Thou art like the wind, and we like the dust ; The wind is unseen, but the dust is seen by all. Thou art the Spring, and we the sweet green garden ;

Spring is not seen, though its gifts are seen. Thou art as the Soul, we as hand and foot ; Soul instructs hand and foot to hold and take. 

Thou art as Reason, we like the tongue ; 'Tis reason that teaches the tongue to speak. 

Thou art as Joy, and we are laughing ; 

The laughter is the consequence of the joy. 

Our every motion every moment testifies. 

For it proves the presence of the Everlasting God.


Everlasting God | Rumi

The most original writers borrowed one from another. The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbor’s, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all.- Voltaire