Knight of Water – Trust

Knight of Water: Trust

Now is the moment to be a bungee jumper without the cord! And it is this quality of absolute trust, with no reservations or secret safety nets, that the Knight of Water demands from us. There is a tremendous sense of exhilaration if we can take the jump and move into the unknown, even if the idea scares us to death. And when we take trust to the level of the quantum leap, we don’t make any elaborate plans or preparations. We don’t say, “Okay, I trust that I know what to do now, and I’ll settle my things and pack my suitcase and take it with me.” No, we just jump, with hardly a thought for what happens next. The leap is the thing, and the thrill of it as we free-fall through the empty sky. The card gives a hint here, though, about what waits for us at the other end–a soft, welcoming, yummy pink, rose petals, juicy…c’mon!

Osho teachings

Don’t waste your life for that which is going to be taken away. Trust life. If you trust, only then can you drop your knowledge, only then can you put your mind aside. And with trust, something immense opens up. Then this life is no longer ordinary life, it becomes full of God, overflowing.

When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared, you are bridged with infinity. And you are not deceived; there is nothing that can be taken away from you. That which can be taken away from you is not worth keeping, and that which cannot be taken away from you, why should one be afraid of its being taken away?–it cannot be taken away, there is no possibility. You cannot lose your real treasure.

Osho The Sun Rises in the Evening Chapter 9


A coat of quotes and passing poetry


In surrender, earnest and true, lie the aspirations and overtures to virtue. Virtue

All at once begun, woven and wondered into the collective of silence’s hum.

The residue reaches towards. 

All-encompassing and harmonising like gentle heart-strums. 

Imbued to burn and glow, like attributes and their afterthoughts in follow. 

Honed to adjudge focus’ curve and steer forward. 

Consciousness dissolving and evolving into ‘morrow. 

Sunlight leads the day out of the way, and waves for night to hallow. 

Yonder covers the horizon like a carpeted welcome. 

Impelling emotions slowly spread their notions in overcome devotion. 

A river of sentiment makes its way to be sanctified into the ocean. Never the same river twice but always into the same ocean, with sighs like ever-smiling eyes and clarified into a buttered shine.