X – Wheel of Fortune

At its deepest meaning, The Wheel of Fortune represents change. A new chapter, the next stage, the evolve season. And as every season changing represents new rules of living, this card does the same. 

However, as one of the brightest signs in the entire tarot deck, the changes portended are always significantly of a positive nature. Such is the phenomena of the Wheel of Fortune, the 10th card of the Major Arcana.

The Consciousness of the Desired, which Fulfils. It receives the divine influence that flow into it as a result of the blessing it confers upon all that exists. 

One of the most important aphorisms of Hindu philosophy is that the
“the Gunas revolve and evolve”. The gunas stand for principles and attributes.  Acording to the doctrine of continual change, nothing can remain in any phase where one of these Gunas is predominant; however dense and dull that thing may be, a time will come when it begins to stir. The end and reward of the effort is a state of lucid quietude, which, however, tends ultimately to sink into and out of the original inertia.

This card thus represents the Universe in its aspect as a continual change of state. Above, the firmament of stars. These appear distorted in shape, although they are balanced, some being brilliant and some dark. From them, through the firmament, issue lightnings; they churn it into a mass of blue and violet plumes. 

This can suggest that the querent is at a turning point in their life, and that they need to be open to new opportunities and possibilities. This can also indicate that you are being guided by unseen forces or energies, and that you need to trust in the unfolding of their destiny.