I The Magician

You are the master of your universe, at least that is the aim of every mystic tradition, and so of each evolving soul to their own occult significance of the universe. 

The Magician is the first and primal step of the soul’s journey, and through it, the entire journey is culminated. In that, after the 0, the +1 of aspiration occurs to time in the querent’s journey of initiation. The old traditional decks called this the Juggler, Osho calls it Existence, it is working higher self and to it, the entire journey into itself occurs at the Magician. Crowley likens it mercury, for as in the Indian tradition Mercury is Budh, the higher sentience through the mind, where merge supreme reason to divine instinct. 

The four cornerstones of the magi are the elements, for he is the divine bridge of higher intelligence above worldly matter. To that spirit is existence. 

As the narrative, the card of the Magician is the bridge over Light, Sound, Time and Space. The evolved application to the elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. To the familiar of the tarot, wands, cups, swords, pentacles respectively. Through the course of life, from childhood to old age, all experience, all memory, all achievement, all sensation have occurred to the singular point of view. The threshold of understanding is this arc as a singular narrative, the one lifetime of living and integrating all that is this existence, and envision too to the singular narrative that converges beyond existence into naught. That individual and subjective journey is the realm of the magician. 

Astute or otherwise, each is a master of their own universe. And that is their bridge to their own narrative. That is them as the magician, that is a juggler as human endeavouring to their godhead. 

As the first card of the Major Arcana, the importance of this tarot card in the scheme of things cannot be overstated. The magi, receptacle of spirit. 

Divination : The messenger of the gods, represents precisely that Lingam, the Word of creation whose speech is silence. Mercurial. Extreme poise and grace. The master’s posture. Well-positioned opportunity. 

Wth the Wand createth He. With the Cup preserveth He. With the Dagger destroyeth He. With the Coin redeemeth He.”  

Beginner’s luck. Improvisation, new realities. Gifts of the spirit. Positions of influence. The Magician is that unconscious power which appears by magic at the most critical and difficult moments in life to offer guidance and wisdom. Points to potential skills and creative abilities not yet manifest, the four elements as his tools. All possibilities of communication, being playful and dynamic, working with the mind, the imagination, the heart and the body. Confidence, virility, sexuality, adaptability between ignorance and knowledge.