XI – Judgement

The card 11 of the major arcana is traditionally known as judgement. In terms of occult symbology, the number eleven stands for the magical chain. The power of one combined with the power of another, different in most all ways and equal in others. At the same time, the number 11 is a cyclical chain, renewed in another measure. 

This is in all things a card of balance, but the balance that comes after change. All matters are renewed to it, at the time it stands true to the original perspective that spawned. 

In the ancient sense, 11 creates a mystery from history and masonry to all its stories. The charm of a new chapter is an inherent theme here. 

As with astrology’s eleventh house, there are gains at this stage, and new learnings to application of skills. 

As a card of the soul in the major arcana, it is makes a reflection to others, often citing matters of apprenticeship and traditional learning to teaching. 

There is a vigour to this, like renewed purpose and really making a difference to existence. 

Osho tarot calls it breakthrough, and his version manifests itself to start a brand new journey inward and outward.