VII – The Chariot

The chariot, the seventh card of the Major Arcana stands for heightened  awareness. And all the greater moments of instincts it arrives in. 

A new beginning with ambition, will, aggression and competitive instinct, with enthusiasm and vitality moves beyond mere normalcy. This victory is a combination of physical, intellectual and spiritual powers and reflects the potential for both good and evil. On an inner level, the chariot is action and experience of, instinct guided and directed by the will of consciousness.

This card indicates worldly success achieved through sustained effort. Determination and enthusiasm, and often the potential for leadership and accomplishment.

The characteristics of the Hero – courage, competitiveness, brashness, strength, cheekiness, will – are potent instruments of good and ill, and he/she may bring salvation or destruction, or both.

The Consciousness of the House of Influence. From its inmost center flow forth the Arcanum and veiled ideas, which “abide in its shadow”; thus is there cohesion (or, union) with the inmost substance of the Cause of Causes.” 

The chariot is the premise of the vehicle of consciousness. In that, on an inner level consciousness is itself a vehicle to carry us to greater heights of inspiration, knowledge and soulful imagination. This is the card of being an instrument for the universe, and so acting as the Vehicle to carry the querent to great things, their time in the glory, to herald and portend the times to come. If not at large, then certainly to themselves. This sign of you at your finest.